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Donny Hays: Horror Empresario

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Gwen (gwennypig ) insists. And who am I to deny Lady Gwen? ;)

Apparently, we're supposed to post the questions here, then post the questions with our answers under an lj cut so that the people we tag can answer the questions for themselves before they see our answers. What's really funny is imagining Gwen telling me all of this in her lovely, bubbly way. I also happened to be on the other end of the telephone in my hotel room testing out the viscosity of some new brands of fake blood on my bathroom mirror. Gwen was not aware. Now that's something Proust could have appreciated!...I think.

And if you read this? Consider yourself henceforth tagged.

The Questions

1) Your favourite virtue
2) Your favourite qualities in a man
3) Your favourite qualities in a woman
4) Your chief characteristic
5) What you appreciate the most in your friends
6) Your main fault
7) Your favourite occupation
8) Your idea of happiness
9) Your idea of misery
10) If not yourself, who would you be?
11) Where would you like to live?
12) Your favourite colour and flower
13) Your favourite prose authors
14) Your favourite poets
15) Your favourite heroes in fiction
16) Your favourite heroines in fiction
17) Your favourite painters and composers
18) Your heroes in real life
19) Your heroines in real life
20) What character in history do you most dislike?
21) Your heroines in world history
22) Your favourite food and drink
23) Your favourite names
24) What you hate the most
25) Historical figures that you despise the most
26) The military event that you admire the most
27) The social reform you admire the most
28) The natural talent you'd like most to be gifted with
29) How you wish to die
31) What is your present state of mind?
32) What fault can you tolerate the most?
33) Your favourite motto

My Answers...Collapse )


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O! Valencia -- The Decemberists
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So, it's becoming that time of year again...time to start building the haunted houses! I'm here in Paris searching for inspiration, and, well, at the moment, this renegade is a little more than blocked. So, this entry isn't really so much an entry as a cry for help: I need your scariest, creepiest stories of any kind. Any help will be credited an much appreciated.
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Paris, l'Hotel
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stressed stressed
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Rosin Murphy -- Ramalama Bang Bang
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If you were given the chance, what one thing would you tell the entire world?

That there actually is a monster under their bed.
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Paris, Le Musee de Nationale
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Aux Champs Elysee -- Doug Norfolk
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